Best Man Tried To Use A BLACK MAGIC On A Wedding Cake !

After a year working as a waiter, Milan thought he had seen everything in life. But a plain wedding changed everything. A grave digger came to the wedding and begged the owner to throw a cake away !

In an interviews with us, Milan said: The guests started to arrive to the wedding, everybody was going to their tables, the hosts were receiving the gifts and the cakes. While everything was getting prepared for a perfect wedding i went out from the restaurant for a smoke, and a man showed up dressed in old clothes who was looking like a beggar and asked me “Can i talk with the groom”. I was little confused, but didn’t want to disturb the groom, so i called his father and told him about the situation. I went out with the father in case he need a help with something. – says Milan

While he apologised millions of times he said to the father: I didn’t want to interrupt you wedding or something, but i was worried about a situation. While i was on the graveyard, digging a grave, a beautiful and well dressed up lady showed there with a cake in her hands. She put the cake on the ground start to talk something, then she took sand in her hand and threw the sand three times over the cake. She picked up the cake and left the graveyard. But i was suspicious about how she was dressed and why she brings a cake there. So i followed her, and she entered in this hall.

The father start to shake and panic didn’t know what was happening, but the guy said: I think that lady is trying to use a BLACK MAGIC so she can harm you and your family. You better find that cake and throw it !

After the father calm down a little, he asked the guy to explain how the lady was dressed up and the man started to talk. Soon they realized that the cake was coming from the BEST MAN’s wife ! They entered the hall, the father took the best man and his wife by the hands and threw them out of the wedding party. He also said to the waiter to find and throw out the cake.

After dealing with the situation, the father went out to thank the man and invite him to the wedding, but he was gone already.


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