REALITY OR FRAUD: Experts warn of an invasion from outer space under the false flag

Claims that the parallel state fake alien invasion to achieve full control over humanity.

Now for something completely different …

As our world is becoming increasingly strange, many UFO experts are warning about something that could be the most bizarre event in human history: “Cosmic operations under the false flag of” where will they say, desperate world government organized a large fake alien invasion to finally fulfill its goal of providing postpune human obedience under the endless false hysteria “aliens are coming.”


Uninitiated it might sound crazy, but listen to experts before you decide, and check the report, “Washington Post” on some tehnoloigijama that can help that happen.

Such an event, experts say, can be performed by a combination of advanced human exotic aircraft, enhanced holographic technology, and compassionate global media that already practiced to propagate false news to greedy viewers. In truth, most people believe in what they are told.

One of the most famous researchers who publicly speaks and “cosmic back office operations under the false flag of” Dr. Steven Greer with “Sirius Disclosure”, an organization that is dedicated to finding the truth about the real aliens, as well organized human fraud that are aimed at it to deceive the masses.

According to Dr. Greer, many (but not all) so-called “UFO” events occurring around the world involving aircraft made by the people. He further argues that the “military-industrial complex” consists of structures of power far beyond the reach of even the President of the United States, and that those interests are planning “cosmic operation under false flag” in order to deceive mankind into thinking that takes place the alien invasion.

The claim: The overall structure will be able to continue the radical depopulation in the very near future through “isceniranog Armageddon”

According to Dr. Greer, if people around the world become too awaken and begin to challenge the status quo power structure, will be organized “alien invasion” through the deployment of compelling “alien” craft that are actually developed, tested and perfected by the secret arms companies such as Northrup Grumman and Boeing.

With the help of fake mainstream media – CNN, NYT, WashPost and other – any story can push as “fact.”

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