On the side look like a stairway to the sea, from the air on the honeycomb and that actually incurred ? Legends say that Ireland owes its existence giants. One of the many giants of Irish mythology was Fionn mac Cumhaill, sometimes transcribed in English as MacCool or MacCoul. This 15 m tall ancestor of the Irish people was the creator of the beautiful formations later on it called “Giants Path” (Giant Causeway). This beautiful basalt formation looks like a mound made with the intention to link Ireland with Scottish island Stafa.

Legends say that the macular made this up to his beloved can move on to the territory of Ireland and that doing so does not get wet feet. Other shows that made it so he could fight with rival giant from Scotland. As a basis this version served finding similar columns with Scottish sides.

The science of emergence

Science course has a different explanation of their evolution. The entire plateau Antrim form is a 50-60 million-year-penetrating lava through limestone soil on the surface. When during an eruption of large amounts of hot rock came from the depths of the earth to the sea in a collision with saltwater same moment hardened. The pressure that is later gathered between flows formed the square pillars as we know them. Path giants makes about 40,000 basalt columns.

The imaginative titles

An unusual and unique appearance of these formations have inspired the imagination of visitors who over time implemented many interesting names columns. Some of the most famous are “Giants Organ”, a group of about 60 columns of the same size and thickness. ATM, “Chimneys”, “Harp”, “Camel’s Hump” or “Amphitheater”.

Sailing in the waters around the pillars requires great skill. The winds are strong and unpredictable. As the Doctrine of seafarers remains the fate of the ship ‘Chiron’ which grounded there in the late 16th century. From a total of 1,200 passengers survived only few of them whose descendants are still living in the vicinity. The shipwreck has become part of the legend of the “Walk of giants.”

Special interasantna visitors, a group called “Giants eye”. This is a group of black pillars are rounded and in contact with limestone white color their appearance reminiscent of the eyes of an enormous giant.

A favorite destination for centuries ( Giants Path )

Even in the 17th century in Europe the word out about the beautiful and unique columns. Local residents had long refused invasion of curious visitors. Finally, in 1897 they gave in and allowed the construction of the road that foreigners could come with a hefty fee, to admire the pillars.

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