Aliens on Mars: Martian race was wiped by an Asteroid ?

AN ASTEROID wiped out an martian civilization on Mars billions of years ago, according to shock claims.

Space boffins have spent decades studying the surface of the Red Planet, believing it to be the most habitable in our solar system.

But so far, scientists have failed to come up with concrete proof that life once flourished on Mars’ rocky surface.

However, a team of researchers has found what they believe to be a tsunami impact crater, which could change all theories of life on Mars.

If true, this theory would prove that Mars was once surrounded by water, with two vast oceans.

The tsunami would also have been life-ending for any Martian civilization.

Geophysics professor Francois Costard said: “We found typical tsunami deposits along the dichotomy between the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere of Mars.


The crater, and the thumbprint formation at the site are proof of the ancient tsunamis, researchers claim.

Professor Costard, study lead, added: “The possibility that a large ocean once occupied the Martian northern plains is one of the most important and controversial hypotheses to have originated for the exploration of Mars.”

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