Aliens Live in the Sun – NASA Captured Photographs (VIDEO)

The Sun is an enormous star that provides the Earth with warmth and heat. The burning blob of hydrogen and magnesium is something that keeps us alive 24/7. Moreover, the Sun offers us all kinds of amazing vitamin D. According to new NASA images, the Sun is not just our friend, but our neighbor’s as well. Aliens Live in the Sun, And NASA has proof of it.


NASA’S SOHO satellite captured something mysterious. And that “something” made researchers freak out. They found what appears to be an enormous door opening up in the sun. Of course, this can only be an entrance way for aliens to come and go as they please. But how can that be? The sun isn’t hollow! That’s what we previously thought. This picture suggests that the sun is not, in fact, hollow, but contains a massive alien world where they are doing God knows what. I’d like to think they’re all on a series of stationary bikes, powering the Sun so that we on Earth can live.


Although it was NASA’s satellite that captured the supposed door, they have no response to this alien theory. All the fuss is due to some YouTuber, who has a hobby of hunting aliens. Does that negate the finding? Not necessarily, but if NASA had supported him, let’s just say there would be fewer skeptics. Despite NASA staying away from this one, there are some fellow humanoids who have supported this ambitious young lad.


Soon after the picture was released, Scott C. Waring, the founder of UFO Sightings Daily found some interest in the story and shared it with his readers. He confidently confided in his crazy legion of fans that a giant door has opened up in the sun. It wasn’t much, but according to him, the hole is big enough to allow motherships to enter. This only further adds to the Hollow Sun Theory, which has been gaining traction for years now. If the sun was hollow, then that would leave a volume inside the Sun, amounting to 1,300,000 times that of the Earth. Aliens could be having some eternal sun party in there, and we are none the wiser.

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